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Woodburning stove feels too hot

Help:  My Stove is too hot

It’s week six of our troubleshooting guide and today we are answering the question of why a Woodburning stove can burn too hot.

Hopefully you have had great advice and chosen a stove that has the correct heat output for your room. It can be unbearable to sit in front of a stove that is too hot.  It can also damage your stove if it is overheating. If you know your stove is the right size but it still burning too hot for you check out the following tips:

  1. a)  Your airflow is too strong- once your stove is hot and has heated the chimney up turn the airflow down.
  2. b)  Don’t over fuel your stove. Modern stoves are designed to burn efficiently and don’t need to be fully loaded to give off heat. Once you have a fire going one or two thin to medium logs will be efficient to keep your stove burning within the optimum burn range. Try to keep your stove burning at the lower end of the optimum range
  3. c)  Check the rope seal around your stove. If you have had your stove for a while and this problem is new then it could be time to replace your stove rope seal. The rope seal around the door does not last forever and will eventually need replacing. Your manual will tell you the size of rope for your stove or call the manufacturer. Rope seal is quite easy to replace yourself but if you are unsure most Chimney sweeps will carry out this simple procedure when combining it with a service and sweep.

A really useful tool  to have is a woodburning stove thermometer.  These are a great way to show what temperature your woodburning stove is at.  We really love the Valiant stove thermometer which also adds a splash of colour to your Logburner flue pipe.

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