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Where can you install a Woodburning Stove Fireplace?

This question was recently asked on our Facebook page and the easiest answer is to say almost anywhere.  Of course this needs a bit of exploration as it’s not always that simple and certainly every household is different in what and where they want to install a woodburning or multi-fuel stove.  However in around 90% of cases it is possible to install a woodburner or multi-fuel stove in your home.  There are some scenarios where the installation becomes more complex but it is rare for us not to be able to install a wooburning stove at all. It may not have a traditional look of a chimney fireplace but there are many fireplace ideas that can work magic in creating that cozy feel a woodburner gives you.  The only living situation where it is not possible at all is if you live in a block of flats. 

Here are three common scenarios:

Scenario 1: 

You already have a Brick Chimney and fireplace:

This is definitely the most straightforward scenario where we can say yes you can install a woodburner or Multifuel Stove.  

Even if the actual fireplace chamber is either blocked off or has an existing gas fire these are secondary issues and can easily be moved or opened up to accommodate a woodburning stove. 

We always recommend a site survey even in these straight forward cases as an experienced HETAS stove installer will be able to look at any potential issues that may still crop up,  such as a  chimney stack that needs repointing.   Some issues can crop up which a HETAS stove installer may not be able to see on a survey but can often be remedied during the installation process.

  A Gas Safe engineer will have to be involved in the process if you have a gas fire that needs removing and the gas outlet needs to be capped off before an installation. If you are in the South Manchester area where we install we have very reliable contacts we are happy to refer you to.  

Once the gas fire, electric fire or any other blocked of entrance has been removed a HETAS stove installer can smoke test the chimney to see whether it needs sweeping.  In some cases even if a gas fire has been in place the chimney may still need a sweep before we can install a woodburning stove.   Again we have excellent contacts for chimney sweeps in the Urmston and South Manchester area. 

As standard Urban Flame always lines chimneys with a flue liner and this can solve many issues such as chimneys’ that are thin internally and may affect the neighbouring properties or bends that could affect the draw.  Any good HETAS stove installer should line your chimney with a flue liner as this will also make it safer to burn your stove and keep the stove at its most efficient. It’s also a way of keeping your insurance company happy as they will often only pay out if there is a fire if the flue liner was also registered with HETAS during the installation process.

Charlton and Jenrick Fireline woodburning stove installation
Fireline Fx5 installation 


Scenario 2: 

There is no brick chimney or a non standard brick fireplace: 

Fear not this is where we can get creative. Where there is no chimney at all we can install what is know in the industry as a  twin wall installation.  This basically means that flue pipes and steel chimney pipes are used to create a smoke outlet that meets current building regulations. 

These can actually look really stunning and suit contemporary and traditional style stoves.  There are many fireplace ideas that incorporate this type of stove installation. If you choose to go with a cylinder stove it can also mean that these can often be installed closer to combustible material as they do not get as hot as traditional radiant stoves.

We have even in the past worked alongside builders to build new chimney breasts if a more traditional look is desired and created false internal chimney breast fireplaces. 

Again a survey is one of the best ways to determine the design of a twin wall system and enables us to help you find fireplace ideas that suit your taste and budget. 

Cylinder stove contemporary woodburning stove Manchester
Installation of contemporary woodburning cylinder stove


Scenario 3: 

You live in a New Build property and have heard that woodburners cannot be installed: 

Good News it is still possible to install a stove even if you live in a new build.  It is true to say that new build properties are often far better insulated than old properties, this then means there is less air circulation.  Less air in a room means that stoves can struggle to light and can even draw smoke back into the room and increase a chance of carbon monoxide being released into your house.  

There is however a simple solution: a humble air vent.  An additional air vent will increase the air into the room where the stove installation has happened and thereby resolve the issue of stoves not lighting or smoke coming back into the room.   

An air vent will not dramatically increase any draughts into a room, they are designed just to let enough air back into the room for the stove without causing a negative effect on the overall insulation of the stove. 

You can see that a woodburner is an option for many people and their homes.

Why not contact us for a free no obligation survey and quote if you live in the South Manchester, Cheshire or Warrington area.

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Fireplace idea modern woodburning stove in traditional fireplace
Cylinder stove in traditional    fireplace
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