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Week 4 Troubleshooting guide: Stove no heating the room as expected.

Help my room is not as hot as I hoped

It’s week 4 of our troubleshooting guide to common problems with a Woodburning stove and today we are answering the question of what happens if you had Logburner installed but it seems your room is not getting quite as hot as you had anticipated.

You used a HETAS installer who helped you pick the right size stove yet the room is not getting as hot as you thought it would get or you were told. If you know the stove is big enough for your room there can be a couple of reasons for this to happen:

a) You are burning your stove too hot for too long- we know that may sound crazy especially as you were told to ensure to burn your stove hot at the beginning. However if you let your stove burn for more than 20-30 minutes with the airflow fully open you are simply heating your chimney and not the room. And just burning your fuel at high speed.


Solution a):Turn the airflow to almost off- but not completely off once the stove has reached optimum burn temperatures and has burnt at this range for around 10 minutes when first lighting the stove. That way you are heating the stove body and the heat will start radiating into your room rather than heating your chimney and all your heat escaping into the air outside.

Solution b) If you have followed solution a) you should see a huge improvement if it is still not quite as hot as expected or you often have a the room door open, or were hoping to also heat a staircase or open plan space consider investing into a stove fan. These will help radiate the heat in a larger room or open plan space.

Solution c) It can also happen if you close the airflow down too low and the fuel doesn’t burn effectively. Remember fire needs oxygen so your airflow should never be shut off completely. Again a stove thermometer is a really useful tool to help you burn your stove in the right temperature range.

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