A Typical Installation

The following is an insight on how the whole process generally develops. We have set out the full procedure from beginning to hopefully, an ongoing relationship with your annual service. These steps may be in a different order, or in some cases, not applicable if certain works have already been completed.


You have found us on the internet or have been recommended our services.  Booking a survey is a simple with us and we always try to find a mutually convenient time.


All of our site surveys are free, just as they ought to be. I (Craig) will call to your home or site to listen to what you have in mind for the finished appearance and give you an honest opinion if your ideas are feasible. If all is well, I will then take measurements of the chimney breast or position of the flue and surrounding area. Size the room for the appropriate stove KW to be sure that the stove isn’t too hot or too cold.

Decision Time!

Now that we have assessed the room and chimney breast or twin-wall system. By this point you have ideas that will work and we will assist you to find the perfect stove, hearth and mantel if needed.


At this deciding point we ask you for a non-refundable deposit.  The deposit is 25% of the full cost.

Stage One

For this stage we ask you to clear the room for everything apart from large furniture. Stage one is the messy stage and there will be a small layer of dust on window sills and any other areas. We provide dust sheets for large furniture and TV’s, fish / reptile tanks. Once complete, we will vac where we can. For a chimney installation: Stage one will consist of removing the existing fireplace (if applicable), isolating gas (if applicable), opening the chamber to the designated dimensions, setting the new support lintel, installing the Dura-Flue system and setting the new hearth.

Stage Two

This is the clean part of the installation, internally. We are now able to build on what has been prepared. The mantel is installed (if applicable) and the chamber is set. We install the register / closer plate to seal above the stove and where the chimney begins. The stove is installed along with the carbon monoxide detector near the ceiling. Then we clean down ready for the final plaster skim visit (if applicable).


On the completion of the installation and once you have checked it over with the mandatory fine tooth comb, we then request the final balance. Upon receipt and clearance of the balance, we will them proved you with a receipt via email for your records.


Once your installation is complete and paid for in full we will notify HETAS of the work carried out.  This is an online process which notifies HETAS and your local Building control that the installation of your stove and flue liner has been carried out by a HETAS registered installer and meets all current regulations.  HETAS then sends a certificate of compliance within 3-4 weeks directly to yourself.

Annual Service

It is mandatory that you have your flue swept once a year.  If you are using your stove for more than 4 months of the year, then we recommend it being swept twice. This is a not just a suggestion, but a safety issue and we recommend not skipping this step. We can recommend excellent local chimney sweeps who can carry out this service for you.  With your permission we can pass on your details to a local Manchester sweep you will be notified of the installation date and then get in touch a year after installation. Of course your data is important and this will only be done with your written agreement.