Therfield Rectangular Basket




Wicker baskets can add a homely feel to a room whilst providing a practical storage solution. Many low priced baskets woven from Rush, Seagrass or Water Hyacinth may appear more decorative but are not so durable. Willow wicker baskets are a more rigid product, but are prone to turning brittle when the Willow is dried out, which can result in a short lifespan.

Our fine baskets have been crafted using the best rattanselected from Calamus Palm vines and are woven by skilled basket weavers in Indonesia. As a trusted manufacturer, we are proud to be using a sustainable product which supports the localeconomy in Indonesia. The Therfield is one of the most compactbasket in the storage range, making it suitable for storing kindling, and small household items.

• Small square basket
• Perfect for carrying & storing kindling & logs • Made from woven grey Lacak Rattan
• All natural product
• Muted grey finish
• Rattan does not go brittle with age
• Strong and durable for long service
• Highest quality materials and craftsmanship

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Weight 1.8 kg


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