Vanquish 250 Heat Powered Stove Fan


Lightweight moulded polyamide blades designed to withstand high temperatures work effectively to distribute hot air effectively.



The Vanquish 250 has unrivalled output pushing out up to 90% greater airflow than other designs in the market as its especially suited to larger rooms. The quiet, cool running motor provides superior qualityand maximises fuel efficiency.

The heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a stove. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption. It is self-powered using the heat from the stove and does not need batteries or mains power.

  • Aerodynamically designed blades for optimum air movement
  • Durable, hard wearing black anodised finish
  • Maximum air flow – blows up to 425ft/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output
  • Lightweight moulded polyamide blades designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Easy starting at 50°C (120°F)
  • Maximum operating temperature 340°C (640°F)
  • Optimum operating temperature range 80 – 250°C (176 – 480°F)
  • In-built protection system to stop the fan overheating
  • 24 months materials & workmanship guarantee
  • Designed & engineered in the UK

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 25 cm


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