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Problems with starting a fire in a woodburning stove

Suddenly my wood is harder to light and I can’t get the fire going

Another common problem is that you have been lighting your stove easily and quickly and then suddenly it seems harder.  This often happens just after you have cleaned out your woodturning stove.

Check whether you have a small ash bed. If you have been able to light a fire easily and then cleaned out your stove it can be hard for wood to ignite. Wood loves an ash bed and will light easier. This is often a problem more with multi-fuel stoves where you have been switching between fuels. Coal and anthracite burn better on a grate with little ash where as wood burns better with ash. Hence most woodburning only stoves do not have an extra grate installed.

If it is happening where there is no ash you will need to use a couple of extra waxlings/firestarters and a bit of extra kindling until there is a new ash bed.

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