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How to light a modern woodburning stove?

Our title question is a something we are asked quite frequently as there does seem to be a bit of a technique to it.  We have had comments and concerns from people on whether it would be too difficult or they have had friends and family who had a woodburner installed and then because they found it difficult to use they never actually lit it.  As it is a rather large investment you are making it would be a shame to think that your woodburning stove never gets to be used.

Once you know a few tricks it’s actually quite easy and anyone can do it.   When we first started out using and installing woodburners we had just spent two years in Canada where the whole heating system was large woodburning stoves and we always used newspapers and kindling to start.  That’s what we then did in our living room woodburning stove that we had installed back in 2009. And that was a pain and actually with the demise of local newspaper deliveries also no longer free and we now realise that because of the ink and colour in newspaper also not so great for the environment.

This is now our far more simple method:

You will need:

  • 2 thin pieces of wood
  • 1 Waxling
  • Some pieces of kindling
  • 1-2 Medium sized pieces of logs.

We always recommend extra kiln dried logs from a Woodsure approved brand you will not be sorry to buy quality dry wood, as your stove will burn better and your chimney will be kept cleaner.


  1. Place your two pieces of kiln dried wood logs into your woodburning stove next too each other nicely towards the back of the woodburning stove
  2. Next build a jenga style small tower maze with your kindling
  3. Place your waxling fire starter in the middle of your kindling tower
  4. Light the waxling
  5. Place one to two pieces of small to medium sized kiln dried wood logs on to the lit fire.
  6. Close the door of your woodburning stove and make sure all necessary air vents are fully opened. (NB:  Each stove does have different controls and if your stove is a multi-fuel stove often there is one air inlet for when you burn wood and one for when you burn other permitted fuel sources such as coal, anthracite or peat)
  7. Now let it burn on full for around 10-15 minutes until the stove is really hot and has reached optimum temperature- we recommend having a stove thermometer on your flue pipe to help you burn as efficient as you can.
  8. Once the optimum temperature in your log burner has been reached you can add a piece of wood and turn your air flow down. Do not close it fully so that the fire doesn’t die down.

That last step is really important as you don’t want to burn your woodburning on full power the whole time as you will actually heat your chimney more than your room.  Also your wood will burn a lot quicker and you will be using far more then you actually need to heat your room well.

Below is a quick video on two types of modern woodburning stove including a cylinder stove. This is a video we always guide our installation customers to to have as a future guide and quick tips video. It is made by Charlton and Jenrick who have an excellent range of stoves and we are able to install their exclusive non internet brands within the Manchester, Lancashire area. So if you like the look of their woodburning stoves do get in touch with us for a free quote for a woodburning stove Manchester.



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