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Help- Smoke is coming into my room from Woodburning stove

What do to when smoke comes out of the stove when you open the door.

It’s week 3  in our series on common troubleshooting solutions.  And this week we are answering the common problem of when smoke is coming from your woodburning stove when you open the door.

This is slightly less dramatic than problem no.2 of last week where smoke is coming through the gaps in the Logburner when the door is closed,  but you were most likely told that a new modern stove wouldn’t let any smoke into the room and now suddenly it’s happening.  Yet something to bear in mind is that you are  dealing with a natural fire and sometimes a bit of smoke is unavoidable. Yet many woodburning stove brands do work very hard to design log burners that reduce the risk of smoke escaping dramatically, and there are steps you can take to reduce it even further. There are also some brands of woodburning stoves on the market with quite specifically designed baffle systems that eliminate smoke such as the Charlton and Jenrick Purevision range. As said some smoke is normal but the incidence of it coming into your room can still be avoided and reduced. Here are some steps to take:

Action steps to eliminate woodburning smoke in a Logburner

a) Only re-load your fire when there are no flames anymore. It is the flames that emit the smoke so if you wait until the current logs are just glowing you will not have smoke coming out

b) Only burn dry and hardwood. Any wood that has a moisture content above 20% will create more smoke.  And if you are using softwood this also creates a smokier fire inside your woodburning stove.

c) Don’t use newspaper or cardboardas a firestarter- We mentioned this when looking at problem no 2 last week but it really is worth repeating as it does make such a big difference in the quality of the fire you are making.

d) Build your fire towards the back oft he firebox

e) Open the Woodburning stove door slowly and wait 10-20 seconds before fully opening when restocking your fire. This helps new air circulate in the firebox first, helping adjust temperature and air pressure reducing the risk of smoke escaping.

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