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Help my brand new Woodburning stove smells of paint.

My Brand new Woodburning stove smells of paint

Week 5 of our troubleshooting guide answers the all important moment when you have lit your brand new wood burning stove and you smell a strong smell of paint.

You will be please to know that with a brand new stove installation this is completely normal. This is the paint of the stove being ‘baked in’. The smell will occur for the first 1-3 times you use the stove and should then not be occur anymore.

It is advisable to light your first fires during the day with open windows so that the smell is gone by the time you go to bed. This is not hugely important but probably just a bit more pleasant.

If the smell continues beyond the first few fires contact your HETAS installer or the manufacturer of your stove as it shouldn’t be happening.


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