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Eco Design Woodburning stoves and why it matters

What is Eco Design?

SIA eco design ready logo


If you have been searching and researching Woodburning, multi-fuel stoves and log burners within the last 12 months you will hopefully have come across the Eco Design or SIA approved symbol. But you may have wondered what the Eco design ready symbol actually means. In 2022 new EU wide regulation on particle emissions are coming out which are much tougher than current laws and the woodburning stove industry has responded and most brands have put their stoves under a re-design process to meet these regulations.  Each stove that now has the eco design badge will meet these 2022 changes in regulation.  This means that you not only will be able to burn your woodburning stove in a smoke controlled area but also know that the particles you are releasing are very low.

Why does it matter?

Air pollution is a big concern especially in built up areas from small towns to large cities. And a concern not to be ignored. The air we breathe is vital to our well being and that of our families. And one that the Woodburning stove industry is also concerned about and are taking many steps to combat and address.

So what to look out for?

You are still wanting a woodburning stove but are concerned the advice is to look out for the SIA and Eco design ready symbol as shown above and below. ( We thought we would put it into our blog a couple of times for reference)

SIA eco design ready logo
Logo for SIA eco design ready stove

Under current EU regulations all stoves also require to have an energy certificate and should be made readily available to any potential buyer. This will give you a guide on the efficiency of the stove and how well it will burn wood and how well it will burn the smoke off again lowering the particle emissions.

The Eco design ready symbol and stamp of approval ensure that your stove is as efficient as possible.  It is important therefore not just to go by name and reputation but actually check out the information.  An example of this is that a brand of stoves called the Clearview Stoves which arguably are one of the best known Woodburning stoves on the market, yet as of January 2019 Clearview Stoves have not been tested and approved under the eco design brand.  And there is no news whether Clearview Stoves will actually be 2022 compliant. Just one example where it is important not just to rely on a brand name.

The industry to date doesn’t know what will happen if you install a stove in 2019 that doesn’t meet the 2022 standards but as there is a big clamp down on environmental impact of appliances we can predict that councils and building regulations will be checking standards more closely in the future.

Every woodburning stove installation is registered with the local building regulation department and the brand is checked therefore we really urge everyone to ensure that the brand you are purchasing is eco design ready. Don’t be caught out by just going for the big brand names.

Important to note is that a DEFRA approved stove, which means a Woodburning stove that can be used in smoke controlled areas, is not automatically Eco design ready.  Again the Clearview Stoves are an example of this, many are DEFRA approved but have not been tested to 2022 regulation standards.  The best choice are woodburning stoves that show both the Eco design ready symbol and the DEFRA symbol.

SIA and DEFRA logo to show compliance
DEFRA and SIA compliant

Enjoy your search and look out for the Eco Design ready symbol on the woodburning stove brands you research. And if you are in a smoke controlled area also the DEFRA sign.  We are always happy to advise so do search us out on our social media channels or why not fill out our contact form with any questions you may have.


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