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3 Top Fireplace Accessories

We often get asked which fireplace accessories are the most important or useful for your woodburner.   There are many options and gadgets out there that will enhance your experience of using your woodburner and giving you fireplace ideas, yet with so much choice on the market and a wealth of information it can be hard to decide what is a good fireside accessory to start off with and which one could wait a while.  So we came up with the top 3 fireside accessories which we believe are a great start.

  1. Stove Thermometer: 

A humble little device that is held on to your stove pipe with a strong magnet and measures the temperature of your stove.  Why is this helpful?  Burning your stove too hot or even too cold has a direct influence on how much wood you are burning, the health of your chimney and liner and the environmental impact

It is important to get your stove up to the optimum temperature when you start a fire because this will heat up your chimney creating the right up draught and lower the build up of soot in the chimney- meaning it keeps clean. 

Once up to temperature your stove will be most efficient when in the optimum burn range meaning you will save on wood and lower the particle emissions, if you are burning good quality wood.  Burn your stove too hot and you can damage the stove itself especially where the flue pipe joins the stove- this can get damaged through heat.  A thermometer can help keep your burn in the perfect temperature range.  Now the question is just what colour to go for.  In the Urban Flame household there is a bit of a disagreement on this- we both like thermometers that have some kind of colour that stands out highlighting the optimum burn range but Craig definitely likes the ones that blend in a bit more like the Phoenix thermometer, where as I just love my colours and love the Valiant grey and green thermometer.  That does come down to personal choice 🙂 


Stove woodburner thermometer
Stove thermometer


2.  Fireside Companion Set: 

A good fireside companion set is a great tool kit to have next to your stove. Not only can they enhance the look of the fireplace but they are also practical. A winning combination.  The most often used fireside tool is the poker because no doubt a piece of wood or coal will one day fall forward in your fire and to avoid getting the stove glass black the poker is a great fireside tool enabling you to push the wood back in its place.  It also helps when you are adding fire wood to the stove by using it to flatten the already smouldering fuel creating an even fire picture.

A brush and shovel are ideal to clear up any ash that has fallen out during or after the use of a stove.  With open fires and woodburners that are not multi-fuel stoves a small shovel is great at helping empty the ash. 

Brush poker shovel and tong set for logburners
Traditional styled companion set

We are a bit divided on whether tongs are necessary- and we would say if you plan on burning coal or anthracite they are a very useful fireside tool to have as it makes putting coal on the fire much easier and safer.  







Our most popular fireside companion sets are definitely the ones that always include a poker, brush and shovel.  With some great choices on the market you are sure to find one that suits your fireplace whether  you have a traditional or contemporary fireside.  A firm favourite here is the wall mounted fireside companion set by Valiant  because it’s a great space saver and can’t be knocked over, which is a great feature if you are short of space, have small children or curious pets.

Wall mounted fireplace tool set
Carlisle Wall Mounted Companion Set









3. Log Storage ideas-Baskets and other log stores

To create that cozy fireside atmosphere you want to be spending the least amount of time going to your log store and re-stocking wood but most of the time at your fireside enjoying your fire.  Therefore a top fireplace accessory is a fireside storage solution.  Again  not only is a fireside storage option a great visual feature it is also a safe and practical solution to storing your fire wood.   We really love Rattan fireside baskets as they are strong and durable and you can carry and store your wood at the same time.  Baskets look great next to any stove but especially next to traditional stoves or those that bridge the traditional and contemporary feel.

Small Lined Wicker basket for any fireplace
Kelshall Lined Wood Storage Basket


There are of course many other types of log storage some that have more contemporary designs like the the crescent log holder below or some that even combine a fireplace companion set with a space for wood storage.  The metal crescent shaped log storages are very popular and fit neatly next to your fireplace.  Something to bear in mind though when storing or carrying wood is that it is a natural material that can be messy, so a fireside storage idea that also has a way of collecting debris, such as liners or solid metal rather than any holes, are a great way of minimising mess.    A safety note though: it is important to mention never store wood or kindling loosely near the stove or inside the fireplace chamber- this causes a fire hazard.  There are many log storage ideas that can make it safe to store fire wood nearer to the stove.

Fireplace fireside wood log holder
Contemporary Black Crescent Log Holder
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