What we do?

A Typical Installation

The following is an insight on how the whole process generally develops. We have set out the full procedure from beginning to hopefully, an ongoing relationship with your annual service. These steps may be in a different order, or in some cases, not applicable if certain works have already been completed.


You may have discovered us on Flixton Road, in Flixton Village. Urban Flame is directly over the way from Flixton train station car park. It is more likely that you have found us on the internet through a search engine or the HETAS website. Booking a survey is as simple as a showroom visit and chat or phone call, or our website request form.


All of our site surveys are free, just as they ought to be. I (Craig) will call to your home or site to listen to what you have in mind for the finished appearance and give you an honest opinion if your ideas are feasible. If all is well, I will then take measurements of the chimney breast or position of the flue and surrounding area. Size the room for the appropriate stove KW to be sure that the stove isn’t too hot or too cold.

Decision Time!

Now that we have assessed the room and chimney breast or twin-wall system. By this point you have ideas that will work and we will offer you a variety to suit them, traditional or contemporary. we welcome you back in to the showroom to choose your stove and the materials for the hearth and mantel (if applicable).


At this deciding point we ask you for a deposit. The deposit is for the cost of the actual stove, and nothing more until you are happy with the completion of the installation. We never take payment for works that have not been finalised and approved. We are happy to say, to this date, we have never been held accountable for sub-standard workmanship. We hold public liability for £5m and are proud to state that we have never had to claim against it.


Stage One

For this stage we ask you to clear the room for everything apart from large furniture. Stage one is the messy stage and there will be a small layer of dust on window sills and any other areas. We provide dust sheets for large furniture and TV’s, fish / reptile tanks. Once complete, we will vac where we can. For a chimney installation: Stage one will consist of removing the existing fireplace (if applicable), isolating gas (if applicable), opening the chamber to the designated dimensions, setting the new support lintel, installing the Dura-Flue system and setting the new hearth.


Stage Two

This is the clean part of the installation, internally. We are now able to build on what has been prepared. The mantel is installed (if applicable) and the chamber is set. We install the register / closer plate to seal above the stove and where the chimney begins. The stove is installed along with the carbon monoxide detector near the ceiling. Then we clean down ready for the final plaster skim visit (if applicable).


On the completion of the installation and once you have checked it over with the mandatory fine tooth comb, we then request the final balance. Upon receipt and clearance of the balance, we will them proved you with a receipt via email for your records.


Each Friday we notify HETAS of our weekly installations. These are completed online opposed to the past paperwork postal methods. The notification is to confirm that the stove, flue and hearth have been installed within the guidelines of Part J and also by a competent installer, notably a HETAS approved installer. The process is that we notify HETAS, the process. They send the notification to Building Control and Building Control issue the certificate. It may take a few weeks.

Stove Class

For us, this is one of the most enjoyable stages. And as far as feedback, it will be the same for you too. For one, we have both reached this stage, and secondly, we generally have a great relationship and the stove class is a fun, but very informative hour where I give you guidance on how to light the stove quickly and easily, fuel knowledge and storage. Maintenance and care for your stove, flue and fireplace. Open questions and answers from me and other customers like you. It’s a real informative hour and you will leave feeling confident in using the stove later that evening.

Annual Service

It is mandatory that you have the flue swept one a year. If you are using the stove for more than 4 months of the year, then we recommend it being swept twice. Word of warning, don’t lie or cheat yourselves, this is very much a serious safety issue and not a way of us making money from you!!! Our annual Maintenance Service includes a thorough sweep, checking of all seals, body and firebricks. Plus, an almost back to new clean of the stove and heath. Unless you have been abusing the stove and flue, subject to conditions, we will ensure that they retain their warranties which will allow you to continue them to provide you with optimal safe efficiency and comfort.