A little about us

Our family business is not only local in the Flixton community, but we also live here too. Craig and Ulrike were married at St Michaels and our children attend St Michaels Primary School. When the shop on the corner of Flixton Road and Ambleside Road became available, we were unsure whether or not we should take it on, as the place was almost derelict inside and needed a full refurb. We took the gamble and invested three months’ hard labour and pretty much every penny we had. Time will

tell if it was all worth it…

At the age of 30, Craig retrained at North Trafford College to gain qualifications in the domestic gas industry. During the two years of studying he worked part-time with a fireplace company to gain experience in fitting. Shortly after qualification he set up as an independent installer with James.

Urban Flame was first established in 2003, and upon completion of a fireplace for a customer who happened to be a director of Mitie Construction, Craig was offer a contract to upgrade the housing stock of Rochdale Borough Council. Each gas fire was upgraded with a new fireplace and flue liner. So starting with one van, it soon became apparent that Urban Flame would expand quite rapidly to three vans and six installers. The contract lasted for three years, before Craig and James returned to a single team and installing fireplaces for customers from the website and fireplace showrooms.

For over 8 years, gas fires were predominantly the trend until wood burning and multi-fuel stoves became the fashion. Since then installations have been mainly the latter.

Ulrike has been the organisation behind Urban Flame since 2012. Taking care of the accounts and orders, she is also now the main contact in our showroom. Since the opening, her organisation and administration skills have really pulled both aspects of the business together, allowing Craig to focus on the installations.

Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Our Team


Co-owner with Ulrike, Craig designed and built the showroom with the Urban Flame team. He now focusses on Surveys, Installations and The Stove Class each week.


Co-owner with Craig, Ulrike is the ever present support and organizer for the team and our customers. She will generally be your first contact.


James has been with Craig from day one. He carries his own skill set to compliment Craig's. They say not to work with family, but there has never been any issues, just stronger bonds and a great working relationship.


Another popular saying is, "Jack of all trades, master of none!". Well Neil mastered most trades years ago, but you can call him Jack if you like. We won't bother listing his skills on here, but we trust him at ground level to rooftop.